**Important** Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation Back Online

Dave Blum – For those who are new to the whole Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation info, here is a quick introduction.  The simulator tracks any activity on the earth’s magnetosphere on a daily basis and is recorded at certain time intervals throughout the day. The simulation has been down since Monday March 14, 2011 supposedly due to power outage. (Things that make you go HHHHMMMM) It finally came back online late Wednesday night March 29, 2011.  To view any of the data on the magnetosphere click on the following link – Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation. If you go through any of the recent archived image dated  links located at the bottom of the simulation page you will see that there is has been some major activity going on. I am also including several videos that I have found on the newest magnetosphere activity directly below. In these videos it talks about & shows how bad the magnetosphere has been getting hit in the last few days.





Dutchsinse – WILD MAGNETOSPHERE! get compasses out! need verification on flux



I would like to thank oeroe2911 from God Like Productions for is post that links this article on GLP. I noticed that my article was getting alot of hits stemming from GLP, so I tracked back to his article on GLP. To see his post click on the following link – XXXXX ALERT!!! COMPASS TRIPPING SLAP OUT!!! PASS THIS ON!!! XXXXX

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